Derek Smethurst   



(S. Africa)
Born 10/24/1947

One of the greatest players to come out of the South African scene and one of the most prolific and deadliest goalscorers in NASL history, this man scored more goals in 4 yrs than many top players did in a decade. First signed with Durban City in 1966, where he scored a goal within 12 seconds of his first game, and ended up with three in that game.  Became one of their leading goalscorers for three seasons before being signed by Chelsea FC in 1968. Moved to Millwall FC in 1972.  Win six major championships in his career (4 in South Africa, 1 European Winners Cup and 1 in the NASL). He is still the only South African to date to win a European Championship (with Chelsea 70-71).  Smethurst like some others fell into that category of time when FIFA - and apartheid sanctions fell on South Africa and so missed out on a whole international world cup situation.